Diet Starts Tomorrow!

I made a firm self-improvement decision last week to be more careful about giving it up too soon. I was dating a guy who is great on paper, respectful and seemingly perfect, but couldn’t give a shit less about me. We had conversational chemistry and physical fun, but by fucking him straight out of the gate, I may or may not have propelled his “barely give a fuck” attitude toward me. The dealbreaker was when he went to Quantico for a 2 week Marines consulting gig and, not only didn’t contact me, but didn’t reply when I sent a text halfway in simply saying “how’s Quantico?” It sucks to feel emotions toward someone and have them feel nothing toward you.

Anyhow, my sex diet will have to wait, because my friend offered me free condom and lube samples to try and review (see next blog post.) Not sure who to play with right now; my stable isn’t too deep, but I’ll see how it goes.


5 Responses to “Diet Starts Tomorrow!”

  1. developergolf Says:

    First 2 Lines ( anyhow ) = Good .

    Dont cause yourself more Grief , by banging someone for the Sake of it , Its would continue the self destruction theme ..Screwing yourself further into Dark Areas .

  2. Ger Says:

    Disagree with the above poster; The outcome of sex is a release of endorphins and stress, positive things!
    Bang away, bang away hard!

  3. william bartee Says:

    Stable? You mean hook up book? Right …stable sounds weird by the way like your blog it is so truthful about you and genuinely well heart felt by the way I get the little time thing and guys asking you out and saying no time I am totally there and I am a rare guy who doesn’t screw to screw that’s probably why

  4. william bartee Says:

    Not to guys hooking up or dating I mean girls for me just to be clear…lol

  5. j Says:

    Sorry…don’t have Twitter but wanted to answer your question about Florida. It’s a case being tried in the state courts, not at the federal level, and in Florida the law only requires a jury be comprised of six people not 12 when it is not a capital case.

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