Don’t Tell Dad I Dry Hump People for my Rent Money!

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12 Responses to “Don’t Tell Dad I Dry Hump People for my Rent Money!”

  1. --- Says:

    there are few black card carrying suits. they don’t frequent clubs as i assume, they get the hook up and avoid the BS. good talking to you tonight.

  2. The Ditzy Blog Says:

    Your blog is fascinating.. I just spent a considerable amount of time reading through your posts. Love your honesty 🙂

  3. Dave Says:

    So true …. and people think Strippers are silly ..Who wants to be trapped in one of those Officers !! Yuk ..

    Love the shoes Babe ..Dave

  4. newyorkcliche Says:

    I went back the other day and read your entire blog start to finish. It was a great read- so interesting to see where you started in the biz and you progression.
    I thought the stuff about Russians was funny- I did a fashion week promo with 4 Russian girls and although they never smiled and weren’t in the least bit friendly, they got booked more than me cause they were hotter: total bullshit for a promo.
    Your blog makes me wonder- if I had the tits for it (I’m barely a 32B) would I be stripping? Quite possibly yes.

  5. mountingandcounting Says:

    Girl, I’m a 34B and I don’t do too shabby! I did promo jobs in NYC, too, and when I started bartending at a strip club, I kept fucking up my promo jobs cause of the late nights. Promo work can be great as far as hourly pay, they just take ages to send checks. If you get desperate down there, bartend at Flashdancers or something, just use all the bullshit I went through as a cautionary tale and keep your guard WAY THE FUCK UP (ie don’t trust other strippers, shady customers etc…)

  6. Shawn Gamez Says:

    Hey, I’m a writer over at List Off and I try to check out the blogs of anyone who comments on our site. I was so thoroughly intrigued by your writing and stories that I took a hefty amount of time to read through many of your posts and I thoroughly enjoyed the shit out of all of it.

    Have you thought about getting some of these stories published now or down the road?

    • mountingandcounting Says:

      Hi, yes I have. Thanks so much for your compliments. I love when my blog hits home with someone, because others feel like it’s either a trainwreck they must look away from, or raunchy/TMI. If you have thoughts or feedback on publishing (self vs. traditional etc) I’d love to continue chatting via e-mail. I could tell, since y’alls post was about hip hop, you were more likely to be my “target” kind of reader and am very flattered you took the time.

  7. Shawn Gamez Says:

    In actuality we only have two or so hip-hop posts on the website at this point from our writer Dan. I just have an appreciation for stories and other peoples lives, be them similar or dissimilar to my own.

  8. Guide Bobby Fleury Says:

    i think strippers are the best, such a different job its interesting, plus i luv women too so…

  9. Lauren Loves Dre Says:

    I came across your blog last night around midnight and I read the whole thing, from start to finish….it’s now 7:09 am here in philly….no sleep for me, due to my inability to stop devouring your incredible stories. The blog ends at Sept. 2013 and it’s now Dec-PLZ tell me that there will be more, and soon. I am a retired dancer and your blog was so genuine that I couldn’t help but reminisce (about the good and the bad). You’re a wonderful writer and I do hope to read more of your work SOON, no matter the topic.

  10. developergolf Says:

    Keep Reading Lauren ..Its completely Red Raw , and thats the great thing about it ..You will understand . But currently the poster is Absent … Im sure she will return . For me , I also love calling a ” Spade a Spade ” when so many others want to make the Gig something that it has not . I’ve seen the Industry destroy ( Most ) and create over the years a very Slender Few .
    Good Luck ……………… Dave

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